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now with an earthquake and tsunamis, think Earth is pissed? Mayan calendar musings

ya think?

are we getting the message or stick to mythology

but wait, not just Earth

and we’ll pay 🍊  some more

for the 5 properties

so, who’s “the message” for?

Exodus from Florida



and after all former presidents launched an appeal

someone wants attention.

and more

The war on women only starts with Hillary

spills to  women in colleges

and to LGBTQ as well (remember, Bernie borrowed the RW slur of civil rights as “identity politics)

from a thread responding to the 🍆.🍆


Trussia department


here’s a compilation

and consequences

and as for the FB scheme

and now

meanwhile we have to find out 🍊 met Russian ambassador from…Russian media

Good guys department

good news department

and also

and new Mueller interviews



Continuing the opposite day pretense, “populist” 🍊 now


and disability – he had no idea what it was

and in spite of oath to the laws of the land, populist 🍊

Ironically, it’s ACA that becomes more and more popular

and his populist son Eric feels victimized

while his daughter (the one he’d date) needs 💰 soon for their 666 Fifth Ave property so she is populist now too

while  🍊 already reneging

and speaking of “all Americans” jobs report ain’t so hot

as to the populist tax cuts, here’s what they do


Harvey is still with us, so Fox is trying to make it into a PR boon

and meanwhile, Texas SOS REFUSED help from Canada, asking for prayers instead


McCain ran of 🔩🔩 to give

and corruption reigns

but after reports  he’s under a short leash,



and another  case of “🔩 you guys, I’m going home”

and the election fraud 🐂 💩 guy works for Breitbart

while more election day hacking signs are being unveiled

and now the reason of the emailz obsession comes out (spoiler – it was whataboutery all along)

and since we came to Trussia

a pretty good summary of latest findings

and now they are trolling us

as they are burning evidence

while Mueller

Guy who delivered the letter to Comey is jumping ship

and his numbers are bad. On Fox:



Since he feels so popular now

it’s time to cut his taxes (while millions are literally swamped – on floods. But since corporations – people, 🍊 is a populist. That’s pretty much the pitch

even uses the Democrats’ words for what it certainly is not

and Heller who will lose next year just for the healthcare gets truth-checked

WaPo calls it

and now the tax  speech in MO

and more chyron fact check

but don’t worry flood victims, the wall is covered

meanwhile, Harvey

As for the “what a turnout” hurricane effort

and another account

.but he’s the only one who thought about product placement

so, he’s pleased with it

JK Rowling thinks


Still, he feels put upon

and Ted Cruz gets his deserts

and called on hit here

but Christie slams him

but Cruz didn’t corner the market

another unlearned lesson from Katrina

but there’s more (thread)

Meanwhile the UN notes human rights deterioration in the US

and Incest Barbie is back

and in the Russia story

and what day would be incomplete without threats of nuclear war?


and Putin throws Cohen/Trump under the bus


and maybe that explains why Russians 💩. all over him

so, on this episode of Who’s the Boss (please, not 🍊)

and policing fraud

other kind of fraud

important thread on antifa –


I’ll try to be picky – too many

and a little “ray of sunshine”

Krugman’s summary

or those 80s joke as a GOP senate refused his confirmation as a judge

must be good, because KKK is on board

Security is for girls. Besides they are at the other end of the line


At least no 🐱 grabby as per Farage instructions

Tower of 💩 – day after mentioning Japanese internment campa as precedent. Ivanka is Basic Instinct-ing

and for the Incest Barbie

I made the sun come up! (plant not moving to Mexico – doesn’t!)

this is the Onion on Breitbart – but they are one now

Rinse, repeat

even the signed hats were phony

One lawsuit settled, 60 more to go

Yeah, get ready for lots of that, NYC drivers

List of loyalties


Good for the Daily News for front-paging the reps that wouldn’t vote for  disaster relief.

Many are from states that got theirs too (LA, Fla, Tx)

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