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In spite WH efforts to shut down this testimony

and in spite intimidating tweets from ๐ŸŠ

she came and was awesome!

Republicans tried to talk about anything else, but got put in their place

or, put in emojis

and this guy showed us his dumb

We learned that her firing was for Flynn, not the ban as everyone thought

and it went like this


By the end, republicans just left

Also, the same scary conclusion as Comey

and Franken was one of the highlights as expected

Daily Kos has a – mostly Eric Garland – blow by blow recap


as the pushback against the media from ๐ŸŠ intensifies, this truth must not be lost

Maybe Chuck Todd will figure that out eventually

this is a very perceptive tweet – 5 years ahead of its time

and as the internet was goofing on the leaked Spicer investigations on leakers

something popped up

some highlights

oh, and this was published before the Spicer revelations

for ย fun:

oh, and ๐ŸŠ was tweeting this at the time, confirming and denying at the same time



So the “cooler than though” Breitbart enfant terrible Milo finally broke the last taboo: pedophilia – what’s up with that?

as an aside, I just learned what the hand gesture means

to think only 3 days ago, Bill Maher thought it would be cool enough to have him on

because it made sense

sorry, Dave, used to like you

and today, you make nazis look good

and now we need to wonder about this

of course, in historical context, the hole CPAC keynote by a pedophiliac ain’t such a big deal

while in the present context – nothing, really

still, considering how afraid everyone is of Breitbart, it would be fun

leading to stuff like this

and this

politically though

gets easier as ๐ŸŠ will also be there – maybe Milo will introduce him

also, remember that ๐ŸŠ


milo-berkeleybut for us, normal people

in conclusion

and another gif for fun

and they rescinded the invitation! Snowflakes!

and the new angle: I am a victim!

problem with it – you are boring now

Breitbart has a sad

oops! There goes the book!

and a great comment to that

and there goes backpedaling

but Australian rapist is pissed. At “liberals” for some strange reason


Hang on, war on Blondes?

Seema that all that praying they did at Breitbart, didn’t help much

with a gif

and an alternative headline

what can they feel angry about now

of course, 1A


Here’s the news

The CIA has concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system, according to officials briefed on the matter.

Here was the public invitation from the candidate

and she told us, but…

and from her campaign, back in October

here’s the GOP demanding a cover-up

and also from Mc Mullin

here’s the cover up by the media

and a bit of bothsidery parody

oh, and this is ๐ŸŠ’s answer – 3 lies and

one lie in particular exposed here

and who else jumps to help ๐ŸŠ? You guessed it! GG& friends who fell for an anonymous hoax at The Guardian

I saw the same argument made by many Russian eggs on Twitter today, BTW

Darth Putin sums up their reactions

and more details fof some of the ways they helped

can’t argue with this

I emailed my concerns to the electors


There’s not a lot the “R” were smart about in taking advantage of the “D”‘s incompetence (socialism, anyone?). But I think they may have hit the target on this one

GOP plans ‘aggressive’ effort against Dems’ credibility on Wall Street reform

.Mind you, I would very much love for the “D”s to reform Wall Street, and not just cosmetically, for laughs as they are fixing to.

But one has to see the beauty in using Romneycare as the sign of Pinocchio

Senate Republicans are planning an “aggressive” effort to paint Democrats’ claims about their Wall Street reform bill as not credible in light of the healthcare debate.

The GOP plans an effort to highlight claims made by Democrats in Congress and President Barack Obama about their health reform law that would seem to be undercut by reports showing higher premiums and reduced employer coverage that Republicans say are consequences of the legislation.

In the light of the new unpleasant unintended consequences revealed daily, who can blame them?

Republicans point to reports that health services employers will have to cut jobs due to taxes under the new healthcare law, or congressional analysis that suggest middle-class taxpayers might face a higher tax burden.

“In light of that, Senate Republicans plan to mount an aggressive effort to point out the large number of demonstrably false claims that Democrats made about their health bill,” the aide said.

pinnochio.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

And of course, this being done for the purpose of protecting Wall Street from any regulation, guess who will have their “aggressive effort” well funded?

Considering the betrayal, deceit and plain incompetence that went into this, it would be a karmic result. “D” should lose their credibility over what they trumpet as Obama’s historical and unprecedented signature achievement.

Especially when their servile stand to insurers abuse is absurdly ridiculous

But, not to worry.ย  Ms. Sebellius put the hammer down with her sternly worded letter โ€“ going so far as to use the word โ€œurge.โ€

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