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a  🧙‍♀️  to be sentenced

meanwhile in NY

even hume



what the pardons mean

the 🍊 brand ain’t what it used to be (everyone knows it stands for “white trash” now)

you shall go backward, I tells ya!

trade blunders

and here’s another glimpse

how 🍊 is not like any other POTUS


First Amendment

gaming the market

reactions to this

good comment

deliberately destroying the post war world order

Michael Cohen threatening reporters over Ivana rape story

Charles Kushner


Obamacare insane hatred

where they are now



the Samantha Bee outrage – Chelsea

and again, the guy issuing the outrage is this one

and Samantha’s words were about this again


NYT peak bothsidery

🦊 🆚 Hillary


killer was “wacky”

Ollie North





Glenn fights the real enemy


protesting the children separation  cruelty

Sally Field on Sam Bee

Martha Stewart – should be true edition

Hillary on Puerto Rico


I will have two covers of the day – one for each of the major topics today.

For putting it into a huge headline, NY Post gets the Goldman Sachs cover

.and for putting the AP headline on page one, Orlando Sentinel gets the oil spill cover

.Washington Times has a hopeful headline on elections: all the cash in the world doesn’t affect polls anymore – maybe Obama accomplished something after all

if you overlook the fact that the amounts are now ten times higher than before his POTUS billion

.Dorothy Height’s funeral gets also coverage in WaPo with a good headline

.The Examiner gives the oil spill a good photo, headline

.and so does USA Today – adding a little photo of M0’s bare arms at the funeral (cocktails afterwards?)

.The Wall Street Journal startles by how it hides the Goldman Sachs news under the oil  spill – literally

Stars and Strpes reminds us we still have two wars going (hear that, deficit hawks?)

.In New York City, the papers offer us a variety of trivia

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Chicago Tribune is my Cover of the Day today because of this desperate hug Obama gives his departing from politics corrupt buddy running for his old seat (was that seat EVER won earnestly I wonder?) Anyway, the hug is significant in the light of the knowledge the WH is resigned to let that seat go

WaPo has the caption that would complement the Chicago Times photo


.The other big November story is Charlie Crist switch to independent in Florida. Here it is in Miami  Herald   along with the alarm for the coastline that Obama so cavalierly ceded to oilmen

I am talking of this ugly spill, pictured in Obama Times

There’s good news as well. First windmill farm approved by the feds – sharing the cover with health insurers fraud in Boston Globe

.and since it’s so beautiful, all by itself in the Cape Cod Times

Back to elections, USA Today provides a calendar for the primaries and the now expected  daily bad news from the -historical- Healthcare Reform

In Financial news, while the GOP filibuster was dropped here, Greece is sinling (thank you, GS!) – a good cover by DC’s Express

.and per Wall Street Journal, Spain is worrying of catching it too

.Stars and Stripes reminds us there are two wars going on (attention deficit hawks)

In NY, the only non-Bullock news is about the La Guardia airport:


Tabloids seem to love the political maneuvering of off shore drilling

At least in states not directly affected by it. Here’s the Express on the trade-off

echoing Rahm’s Washington Post

I think a B0bot best summed this up:

“So he destroys the environment in order to get wotes to save the environment. Words fail”

Of course, with a minority of 59 to 41 in the senate he would need to do this. Right? RIGHT?

States next to the drilling sites are more ambivalent

or downright pissed

While USA Today says voters are fuming

while Wall Street Journal tugs at our hearts with the tragic fate of its CEO’s

Oh, the humanity! Brother can you spare a dime?

NY Post continues the investigation of the corruption that led to the loss of the federal grand for NYC schools

In other news, the war is still going on – and DADT confuses army as to what people are allowed to say about it and what they can’t

and more HCR bad news


Wapo has some war news, but it’s all cream puff in the center – I guess B0bots need something to take their Romneycare with

Washington Times has stories on the Sarkozy meeting and proposed sanctions to Iran and a better fluffy center – the cherry blossom season

There is no fluff in Obama Times. Off-shore drilling front and center. I can’t say it’s a broken promise as he went back and forth on it during the campaign.

Some fluff – or local stories in the NYC tabloids:

NY Met takes pride that NY is number one …in delayed flights. Yea us!

while the NY Post looks at the loss of a federal grant for schools by misspending state officials

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