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Elliott Spitzer once took on Wall Street and the media took him down in a matter of days. His intention to return to politics has been met with more sex puns in tabloids headlines than Weiner could dream off. Somehow they figured this is not a minus with voters sow this is the new sin: not voting for Obama. It’s more ironic coming from NY Post.

For me, it’s a big plus and proof of consistency: One that knows the cesspool that is Wall Street should not vote for their puppet. And no, NY Post this is NOT “voter fraud”

Among the usual ink blotter stuff, two important headlines in the Saturday news dump. From Long Island

and the NY Times chronicles how Obama further degrades his Federalist Society Healthcare bill before it even takes effect

Maybe now the R will vote for him? Please???? (Someone please explain this clown how political parties work)

And just because it fits the topic so well, an amusing find from Cannonfire. Not photoshop – he has video too at the link

It does work on so many levels, including Obama’s fantasies.

#OWS Cheers As Defiant Judge Stops Obama From Selling Immunity To Wall Street

I will rejoice before they replace this judge like the one which allowed OWS to camp at Liberty Plaza. Yet a new chapter in the White House/Eric Schneiderman/Wall Street saga

In an audacious move against Citigroup, the SEC, and the practice of “selling immunity”, a Federal Judge in a NY District Court abruptly put the brakes on a settlement agreement proposed between the Obama Administration and another giant Wall Street firm accused of betting against their own investors.

and I absolutely need to borrow the illustration

I think the judge is Captain America, while the other superhero who is tied down must be Scheiderman.

Now, go read it

After all the implications of mutual violence in the news about “clashes between protesters and police” (never the other way), AM-NY choses a photo of a cop at Liberty Square to praise them for shooting very little this year. Maybe it’s because they vere involved very little with actual criminals.


If you recall, the main topic in September was reducing the deficit and making cute (read: fasten your belts, the bankers need a new pair of shoes).

Enter OWS. At first they were ignored. Then they were ridiculed. Then brutally evicted. And now they win. This is a lobbyist memo on how to further slander them. It’s interesting comparing the prescriptions of the memo to actual media coverage – me thinks it’s being done already. When they discuss the political ramifications, watch the tools from both parties trying to distance themselves from Wall Street:

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel declined to comment on the memo. But he responded to its characterization of Republicans as defenders of Wall Street by saying, “My understanding is that President Obama is the single largest recipient of donations from Wall Street.”

On “Up” Saturday, Obama campaign adviser Anita Dunn responded by saying that the majority of the president’s re-election campaign is fueled by small donors.

Sure they are all lying. But thanks to OWS, they now HAVE TO.

sign from OWS event

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