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Ever since a candidate, Bloomberg bought and bullied his way in and out of everything. And since one of the bought parties is the media (some of which he owns) we never saw a bad headline about him. With his 3rd term approaching its end, NY Post became “brave”Β  (even as Bloomberg’s designated successor, Quinn gets all the coverage by the same media)

Today’s tabloids seem to do what I am sure they got paid for – promote and defend Bloomberg. The Post injects a bit of race baiting in their stop and frisk defense – quite cynicalΒ  since I am sure those who will be the subjects will look like the guy on their cover

Metro has Bloomberg defending “his army” against the mean candidates attacking the police

The News is running with the phallic jokes in their relentless attacks on Weiner

while AM NY has the absurd levels of NYMBY, New York style .

Predictions and conspiracy theories fly as people anticipate the legal process in the aftermath of the bombings – a first after so many violent events ending in the death of the perpetrators

Some predict legal process will frustrate justice (red meat for readers too)

Murdoch other paper in NYC predicts the opposite Along with the news of Bloomberg’s new attempt to lord over people’s lives. I don’t smoke anymore and wouldn’t mind if people quit/don’t start. But legislating this is dumb. And will probably fail as the tobacco industry has even more lawyers than the beverage industry (but less than civil rights/stop&frisk)

The Daily News has a very silly cover on the gun law being voted down in the senate. Not featured on Newseum, my own photo. It’s the speech they would have liked Obama to give, so they make believe he did.

Meanwhile the NY Post once again fingers the guilty

Because of their track record, i don’t buy it, Sure enough, it was another lie

The two were also on the Post’s front Thursday with the headline: “Bag men: Feds seek these two pictured at Boston Marathon.” The Post reported later Thursday that the men weren’t considered suspects, and the FBI has since identified two other men as suspects in the bombings Monday

Teen stunned at portrayal as bombing suspect

except to the extent that The Boston Globe confirms

Back in NYC, Bloomberg’s stop and frisk is challenged in court. Not being backed by a big $$$ industry I am not too optimistic.

Quite the gall from the man who bought the office of Mayor 3Β  times to comment on other people’s corruption. And how the Post loves him since they’ve been paid off! “Mayor Mike!”

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