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This should be good news if it were true and didn’t look like that OBL lieutenant being captured and killed over and over again


Wait: wasn’t there a mishun accomplished with NBC crews a couple of years ago? Wasn’t there a promise of 18 months back in 2008? And aren’t there occupiers still remaining in Iraq? Does this mean Blackwater remains in charge of it all now?

Anyway, it’s a good campaign cover, this one.

This was posted obviously by an independent (Hart 2008)

49% now “definitely plan to vote against ” President Obama in 2012, while only 36% favor reelection.

A few Monkey Business replies – for Hart, but mostly fear.

The kind of news that wakes you up with a start, like a sneeze.

OK, I knew it’s 2013 already for some.

It was “outside groups” that startled me. At first I thought of OFA, Moveon and all the activism structure that was used in 2008 but left idle in 2010. But looking at the article I see it has nothing to do with activism and all with finance

Some Democrats have complained openly that Obama’s 2008 admonition against outside groups spending money during his presidential run carried over to 2010, leaving Democrats on the sidelines without a well-tuned infrastructure of groups to help embattled candidates.

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So it’s PACs and other money shoveling structures we are talking about. Going R all the way.
The “outside” refers to the party, I guess. or the law. Or the country. But what’s new, really? Stopping pretending?

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