A Robbed voter since 2000 election, recently became a PUMA and now fiercely independent.  No candidate is more important than democracy (respect of voters, their rights – talking to you Ralph -Toss a Coin- Nader, John- Crying in my Teacup- Kerry, and  Barrack- Got delegates Without a Vote- Obama. No candidate is more important than separation of church and state or our civil rights. None.

Anyway, I was blogging at first on blogspot

I started this blog under another name – Urban Legends a whole ago, and for a long time I didn’t make entries…I think I was using instead  a forum journal – forum that shall remain nameless

This was my last entry:

Posted by robbedvoter in General Discussion: Presidential
Thu May 22nd 2008, 11:22 AM
raison d’etre in 2001.
The Delay thugs in your photo were protesting vote counting.
My sign in DC will say: “COUNT EVERY VOTE”
True to my beliefs since I picked my handle here: Robbedvoter
As Pete Seeger said: “If you can’t change the world, at least don’t let it change you”
DU just turned full circle – mocking activism for democracy.
I never forgave Republicans going along with election theft because it benefited them.

And then I went to DC and became a PUMA and a proud member of the Just Say No Deal coalition

It was incredible  2 days ago that Hillary would even put into nomination. So is that she will be actually nominated. As of today.

As the third election in a row has been stolen (stealing a primary is no less an offense to democracy than stealing a general election), it will be my duty to continue to shine the light of truth over this new installed Jr.jr


As of last year when it became obvious that  PUMAs spread politically all over the spectrum I removed my affiliation from PUMA.

I didn’t change anything in my beliefs that led me there, just wanted to keep who I am clear.