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more pearls from 😱 , but first a reaction shot



and this makes it much better

transcript of Wapo interview

Costa: So the president is not angry with what you said tonight? He was well aware you’d bring it up?

Giuliani: Oh, yeah, yeah. Sure, sure. He was well aware that at some point when I saw the opportunity, I was going to get this over with.

Costa: Is that what you had talked about with him in recent days?

Giuliani: Probably four or five days ago.

Costa: So you don’t think you will be fired for saying this?

Giuliani: No! no! no! I’m not going to get fired (laughs). But if I do, I do. It wouldn’t be the first time it ever happened. But I don’t think so, no. (laughs)

but to sum up

and 🦊 people put on a brave face while moving goal posts

but now, here comes the sealing of it all

including the campaign nature of the Stormy money

and Kellianne’s hubby helps us understand the crime FEC rule broken


but wait, there’s more

and speaking of Cohen, he was royally screwed by 😱


from the article

Imagine being Cohen last night and this morning as Giuliani cuts the legs out from under you. Imagine how you’d feel if all this went down without your knowledge. That’s the one question I want to know today, the morning after: Did Cohen’s most famous client at least give his most trusted lawyer the courtesy of a phone call saying, in effect, we’re about to make your already miserable life measurably worse?

Miller had promised a Michelle Wolf by Wednesday, we held our collective breath

and Wonkette

😱 keeps talking – crazy


blaming Obama

hypocrisy apex

Incest Barbie

today press conference

and if 😱 wasn’t enough


because , Cohen

more grist for the defamation suit

and that anounts to

helpful Stormy lie digest


might get him some votes tho

Pruitt quid pro quo

meddling in foreign politics



🦊 🆚 😱


👓 not the most popular in the Galaxy?

must be this one


Not Your Sweetie