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Giuliani is showing he’s worth all the money he is being paid

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more on those questions from Lawfare

Most important, the list of questions did not come from Mueller. By the Times’s account, the questions were “read by the special counsel investigators to the president’s lawyers, who compiled them into a list. That document was provided to The Times by a person outside Mr. Trump’s legal team.” In other words, the questions as the Times lists them are the Trump legal team’s account of the subjects about which Mueller’s investigators want to ask.

Second, the Times’s sourcing is opaque as to how the list made its way to the paper, and it is thus unclear as well whether the reader should take these questions as Trump-team spin of some kind or as a neutral account, produced by the president’s lawyers for their client’s benefit, of what subjects the investigators actually want to cover. The story says the leak came from outside the Trump legal team. But the reader cannot tell whether these questions were leaked by someone, for reasons of his or her own, who for some unfathomable reason was given access to this attorney-client work product, or whether they were leaked by someone—say, a P.R. person—who was given access to the material by the legal team in order that he or she should make it public.


and the subpoena source is …


Watergate prosecutor

Living in the attic

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they want Nobel too

Daily News opinion on this

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Rachel needs another wall


Pence lying

Pruitt lying

Pence praising Arpaio


Kochs and “academic freedom of speech”

and their foresight

Cambridge Analytica morphs into Emerdata

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