where we stand

about that new defense

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another lie we knew of

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the rare good piece

โ€œYou guys love breaking news, and you did it,โ€ Wolf said to CNN. โ€œYou broke it.โ€ To everyone else, she said: โ€œYou helped create this monster, and now youโ€™re profiting off of him.โ€ Instead of listening โ€” to that or to Wolfโ€™s final line, โ€œFlint still doesnโ€™t have clean waterโ€ โ€” we got grumpy on Twitter. Which means Wolf did a better job of defending the First Amendment than those who say thatโ€™s our business.

which is why WHCA…apologized, replaced the woman leadership with a ๐Ÿ†-American and bent the knee to ๐ŸŠย  who snubbed the event, then complained about it.

straw men

and a good summery, even before the abject apology

then and now

now and now

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