It’s hard to isolate hypocrisy with this bunch, but Harvey Weisntein’s abuse of women turned all into righteous monks. He tings all their Pavlovian bells. Hollywood? (like 🍊

) βœ”οΈ Β Jewish? βœ”οΈΒ  Dem supporter? Β Rich & successful? Β and the Soros sin – donates to Dems!πŸ˜±Β βœ”οΈΒ  Which is why they all ignore their 😾  grabber to fight the real enemies

Some of the more notable

I knew 🍊

himself won’t resist.


The Albino rapist from the cupboard is also fighting the NYT

and the son of the NDA restrained ex wants Weissman NDAs released

this also made the cut

memories – good times



and the withholding the contraceptives is meant as punishment for slutery

which has even Lucifer Β pissed off

and this

and this exchange goes here too