oron met himself

Mand he’s still raging – more good comments

latest update: we have an arena

and a funny thought

and more  importantly, a reason for the name calling


update: 🍊

still fighting this

and the story keeps on giving


I shall skip over the part where the Secretary of state called 🍊 a moron, 🍊 tweeted it’s not true and NBC needs to apologize,

Tillerson called a press conference and didn’t deny. OK, maybe just a bit

and this breaking news

Let’s go straight to the fun part

Bill Kristol treats us to this quote from Catcher in the Rye

cartoonists in Europe catch on

Preet Bharara is wondering

and Twitter philosophers notice

and since this celebrates a moronic act, I’ll add it

this one is specifically linked

while this offers us choices


and this too

and a nice addition from John Dean

and this is for his supporters