Now apparently there is a new bill (pork for opposing senators)

but as Krugman says

such as


but still

And S&P also gives a bad rating

and that’s how they make use of Bernie – turtle’s lie

๐ŸŠย still clueless


and for today’s hearing

what is a hearing anyway?

also, to keep the hell fresh

and Puerto Rico still ignored

not as important as ๐ŸŠ

they’ll send help…any day now…

reminder (as per Hillary’s tweet)

she mentioned it

and the answer

last word on the “ungrateful millionaires” thread


and Costas on Patriotism

and this was the stated purpose

which led me to a revelation

why can’t our media spell out the reasons so clearly

yeah, this guy


but actually not

and funnies


Stolen election news

which goes with this


๐Ÿ’ฃย news

and Fox starting wars