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I’ll start with my nightmare – it’s not a forecast, just a model but Β too late. I dreamt of it last night

and not the only model either

officially, Jose is just hanging in the ocean for the next few days while everyone is bracing for Irma landing in Florida

and 🍊 thinks what the hurricane needs is …more tax cuts

and this disaster happened – I can barely contemplate

with a good commentary

from the 🍊 πŸŽͺ: Paranoia gonna get ya

Stolen election news – Facebook

and we open the Nazi department with a brilliant mot juste from Hillary – when was she ever wrong>

and for a better place to end this – the excerpt which convinced me to actually read her book


The much dreamed about pivot happened again. The guy once termed the unleashed id of the republican party made a minor concession to the other party ( an usual occurrence in all prior administration” and what he calls “the fake media” is now singing his praises. Remember again, they used to say that figuring him was like

trying to understand a guy whose thoughts are often just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar

and only weeks ago he was telling us about the fine people at Nazi rallies, but now

by the timing and spread it sure looks like talking point.

in tweet form

But enthusiastically adopted

To be sure, there were other horrible takes in the NYT yesterday

leading to reactions like this one

I responded with another brilliant recent Β tweet

while others were more factual


to the similar attempt in WaPo

and both NYT, Wapo a little perspective

some numbers

and also


Not Your Sweetie

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