what’s left of Barbuda

What will be left of us all with mad men in charge

response to yet another sadistic sheriff, in Florida this time

and, like in Texas, this needed to be said

some good guys too

and more hurricane politics

and now

no! Not the poor guns!

and hurricane religion – maybe you guys need an electoral map to find a pattern

but if you’re looking for meaningful metaphors, this qualifies

while some of us appreciate science

and 🍊 has the best words

In the 🍊 lunatic asylum, the brawl goes on

Wolfgard the Bard weighs in on DACA

and after siding with Ds

but because Pelosi made him to

also, Nazis

and those who are not

and a very good question

and in the same spirit, another kind of horrible

any more civil rights we can take away?

Trussia news

and also


Seth Rogen fesses up

and another laugh from Vincente Fox