Since he feels so popular now

it’s time to cut his taxes (while millions are literally swamped – on floods. But since corporations – people, 🍊 is a populist. That’s pretty much the pitch

even uses the Democrats’ words for what it certainly is not

and Heller who will lose next year just for the healthcare gets truth-checked

WaPo calls it

and now the tax Β speech in MO

and more chyron fact check

but don’t worry flood victims, the wall is covered

meanwhile, Harvey

As for the “what a turnout” hurricane effort

and another account

.but he’s the only one who thought about product placement

so, he’s pleased with it

JK Rowling thinks


Still, he feels put upon

and Ted Cruz gets his deserts

and called on hit here

but Christie slams him

but Cruz didn’t corner the market

another unlearned lesson from Katrina

but there’s more (thread)

Meanwhile the UN notes human rights deterioration in the US

and Incest Barbie is back

and in the Russia story

and what day would be incomplete without threats of nuclear war?


and Putin throws Cohen/Trump under the bus


and maybe that explains why Russians πŸ’©. all over him

so, on this episode of Who’s the Boss (please, not 🍊)

and policing fraud

other kind of fraud

important thread on antifa –