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there is an entire Twitter account dedicated to this

but I wanted to enjoy the parting of the seas

let’s have it

I wonder how Greenwald is sleeping today?

and the puppet

and Flynn Jr’s short lived tweet looks a lot like Wikipeepee’s

also, good friends

and good retort to the GOP in congress who refuse to investigate

but seriously, this is key and should be kept front and center

seems interesting


This is Fox, so, sketchy but WTF?

Russia sends spy ship near US coast, deploys banned missiles at home, officials say

but Spicey is trying his best


a reminder

and a much needed timeline


Samantha Bee is too close to my title to not be quoted in the opener

Russians blame the media for their loss of a spy, mostly because of this cover

must have stung, but they aren’t THAT powerful

Some celebration is in order




let’s give Breitbart some time to catch up to the news

but his friends stand by him

I wonder what Putin Β answered to the strong $/weal$ question

a little help for the clueless congress

a rhetorical question

this needs to happen very soon as well


the president is very loyal (just not to the US)


before this strange letter come

let’s remember how Flynn said that if he had done 1/10 what Hillary did he’d be in jail

this pretty much captures the crazy of yesterday

because truly,

not like Flynn’s resume wasn’t giving anyone a clue

while the PR artists were trying to reduce it to

and while all Ds were clamoring to #FireFlynn,

Russia was denying

as in

the others were putting out news like these

after Kellyanne assured us 🍊❀️ Flynn, later on

and these guys were confident

this is what did it (same warning was made re: 🍊 BTW)

and for those of you still thinking it’s just about Flynn,


Not Your Sweetie

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