I will not post photos/gifs of 🍊 pawing his daughter or saying sex is what they have in common.

This is about normalizing incest

lots of ‘historical precedents”

β€œMargaret Truman sometimes took her mother’s place at ceremonial events,” said Jellison. β€œPat Nixon’s younger daughter, Julie, would fill in for her sometimes. But here in the last century, we haven’t seen something like this where the first lady wants to live in an entirely different city and let the first daughter take that larger role.”

so, see, it’s only a century thing. As for the conflicts of interest with her business, they’ve already been normalized. As the piece says – liberals will love incest barbie! She is for climate thingamajinghy!

and it seems, not just climate, but wiminz stuff too – cuz – anatomical qualifications and πŸ’©

also, in imperial family news, a great quote from Laurence Tribe

and this is done with a picture