this clarifies a lot

to which I am adding:

drop the “working class” in the “white working class”

drop the “neo” in the neo-nazis – return Neo to his matrix

snd with alt-left adopting “identity politics” they made it easier for this loathsome bothsidery

adding a very good article by Rebecca Traister

     Because the objects of the vitriol from the left, dirtbag and otherwise, are the hardworking heart of the Democratic Party, now the resistance: the grandmothers who left their houses every morning to get out the vote; the people who took buses and carloads of volunteers to knock on doors and ring buzzers and make endless phone calls; the Black Lives Matter activists who protest the killing of their children and targeting of their communities; the women and men who provide reproductive-health access, even as the government works to roll back that access; the abortion rights and gay rights and criminal justice reform advocates who didn’t write off Hillary Clinton, but instead asked her to be better.

All of these people are facing very dark and scary days, and instead of blaming them, I want to thank them. I’ll also thank Clinton herself, now an old woman, who worked her ass off for decades to do something no woman has ever done before;


Can’t believe I am writing this, but, alt-left: listen to Chomsky