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I’ll try to be picky – too many

and a little “ray of sunshine”

Krugman’s summary

or those 80s joke as a GOP senate refused his confirmation as a judge

must be good, because KKK is on board

Security is for girls. Besides they are at the other end of the line


At least no 🐱 grabby as per Farage instructions

Tower of πŸ’© – day after mentioning Japanese internment campa as precedent. Ivanka is Basic Instinct-ing

and for the Incest Barbie

I made the sun come up! (plant not moving to Mexico – doesn’t!)

this is the Onion on Breitbart – but they are one now

Rinse, repeat

even the signed hats were phony

One lawsuit settled, 60 more to go

Yeah, get ready for lots of that, NYC drivers

List of loyalties


No more darkies to humiliate Bernie – GOP selfie

new definitions


Joss thinks that

but the orange thing still suing

Harry reid …..

After declaring deep humiliation that WHITE working class was neglected by the party he isn’t a member of


and since D’s lost, it’s the other guys he’ll kiss up to

some obvious answers


another good point

Still waiting for miracles

in spite glaring reality

I remember when $12 was evil

Media of course, right with them

Some of us, not on board

and since LEFTOVERS are revealing themselves – not you Assange, you are toast for a long time – the Snowden guy whom Assange sent to Moscow Β  …

Someone is paying attention: Β  Β Now we know Comey coordinated with the campaign with his letter. Also, since the original posting, that part was edited out

a longer analysis of what happened

How It Happened

and re-posting this sums up pretty much

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Thank you for these words @canyonhaus

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about those fake news we hear about – the genesis of one of them

Not sure which part of this is the joke

Here’s a poll

and a real president


comparative polling


Not Your Sweetie

November 2016