Honoring president elect

https://twitter.com/ananavarro/status/797453346407940096 fun with history

https://twitter.com/softreeds/status/797321445143560192 fun with sex assault

https://twitter.com/caitlin__kelly/status/797531881076035584 Trolling or unable to read/comprehend headlines?

https://twitter.com/rachelsklar/status/797573213727453184 Transition team

when you vote on hatred

hacks and thefts


Buggery cooking – done with him

5th Ave rally

and from Yoko Ono

and another laugh from Oswald

Those hands

Uday and Qusay Trump

Hey, Jill, Susan!

Campaign devices

Oprah whoring again

Nate Silver thinks it was Comey

Trump Twitter lessons

and what they chose to care about

what the media doesn’t care about

and what he really cares about

enemies list

that moment

literally like NYT said of Hitler in 1922

hypocrisy what now?

respecting opinions