Each month, the FEC sends the principal campaign committee of Bernie Sanders a heads up. Officially, itโ€™s called a Request for Additional Information (RFAI). This notice points out problems in the campaign fund-raising. The hard-working team at the FEC scour the contributors for excess donations and foreign addresses, look at cash receipts and disbursements, check arithmetic and in general, make sure the treasurer of Bernie 2016 is following regulations.

Once again, Bernie 2016 has problems. This time, there are a lot of problems โ€“ 270 pages of problems. Bernieโ€™s money machine canโ€™t seem to get it right. If anything, the responsible committee is getting worse at its accounting, worse at its disclosures, worse at its arithmetic, and much worse at accepting donations far exceeding the $2700 limit for the primary.

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