Mikey likes it is an ice cream parlor around the corner from me. Was barely hanging in there – now it has lines! She really created buzz about people and places which is a thing we love in NYC. I tweeted in response to hers that I must go taste the Victory concoction and Mikey immediately tweeted back to me that he’s waiting for me!😍 (I’ll take my daughter, first time voter for Hillary later today)
Crowds may be BS’s favorite thing – a goal in itself. He loves hearing himself talk loud and being cheered for it He always talks AT people, not to, so it’s perfect for him. Electorally – not that important. I have been saying for a while that “crowd size is the new finger size”. In NYC, especially, I know for a fact that the same people attended all. Most unregistered, those who were – only got one vote each (because we are mean in NY!)

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