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still think when he started running, he didn’t have bigger ambitions than MOM, Chaffee. Always liked to hear himself talk, polled to see what issues kids today like, made a platform for them (see pic). Eventually the 🐀🔩 from the right seized on his campaign to give Hillary “a race” (alway billed as “media – for ratings” as if politics was ever business, not propaganda). I gave him the benefit of doubt as to being aware he was used or not – after learning about his NRA start I became less charitable. Either way, with the 🐘🐘 behind, money started flowing in – from all sorts of unidentified places and life got good for him and his henchmen. The praise from the media was even more intoxicating – and he obviously bought the PR and saw himself as the 2008 Obama (crazy comparisons to 2008 are still being played). Someone more self-aware would have noticed earlier that his electoral successes were limited to whites – especially of the non- D kind. Has he won any closed primary yet? He is now trapped in his own delusion of grandeur/💰 and it’s hard to him to return to Vermont. So, yeah, we’ll be witnessing all the mourning phases in embarrassing nakedness. His sane supporters will scatter – return to D, Libertarian or video-games. A few very noisy ones will carry the torch – overly highlighted by the media, but electorally insignificant. The campaign wrapped around a 🐀🔩 will end with a whimper and a lot of innocents will be hurt in the process. Michael Moore, Chomsky et all, already signaled that they will not be Bernie or Bust, so the “establishment” will get increasingly bigger for them, sucking all the oxygen as the GE are looming. The end.

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