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Nothing new for those of us who sized him up in 2008, but interestingly enough, even the media is letting us know in the big secret they’ve been keeping all these years. In this article appeared originally on Slate, then thanksgiving participants are encouraged to recycle media decrees around the table. Opposite versions are provided, creating the illusion that all points of view are represented. In the case of OWS, there is even the recent meme that OWS was successful in introducing it’s agenda in the national dialog,

It’s when it gets to Obama’s leadership that things get interesting: it seems both conservatives and liberals agree on his lack of leadership. But not to worry: we are provided a third choice – from Obama’s own propaganda machine.

Is Obama a leader?

No (conservative version): New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg had it right: “It’s the chief executive’s job to bring people together and to provide leadership in difficult situations. I don’t see that happening.” And it didn’t begin with his failure to push the supercommittee. He ducked the findings of his own deficit commission. He turned his health care plan over to Congress, creating a patchwork mess. In the 2008 campaign, he said he would change the tone in Washington, but except for a few bipartisan cocktail parties, he never really took any chances to make rhetoric of 2008 a reality. On foreign policy, just remember one phrase: “Leading from behind.” What does that even mean?

No (liberal version): From the start, Obama caved in negotiations with Republicans. The stimulus was too small. He should have used reconciliation in Congress to pass the public option or to get real energy legislation. When he negotiated the deal to extend the Bush tax cuts, he should have extracted a promise from Republicans not to turn the debt ceiling into a fight. The passionate Obama of the 2008 campaign has disappeared. You never know where this president stands, and when he does stand firm it’s usually temporary.

Yes (administration version):

What confuses me is: how do we get those  hacksaround Thanksgiving tables around the country?

Seems to be a consensus as well that Obama is to blame for the state of the economy (along with GOP House).

When it comes to re-election, we are told we all want the spineless bungler back. Go figure!

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