Remember Bush’s surprise visit to Iraq with a plastic turkey for the troops?photo

When I read this headline in the NY Post

I had to wonder: why NYC? After having been mike-checked and his people editing the video of that to make it look like a PR coup for Obama

Obama Tells Occupiers: ‘You’re The Reason I Ran For Office’

here’s a relevant comment

55.Β Sounded like they got shouted down by O-BAM-A to me.
It didn’t sound like a “mutual respect moment” to me at all.Sounded to me like they got drowned out by the chants of O-BAM-A.Β Β Permalink

it shouldn’t take a genius to figure the next step.

Ironically, I saw the headline at the supermarket where I went to but some cans for the OWS food drive. Now I am re-thinking this – do I want to be there at the biggest campaign trick of the year? I’ll have to consult my dog on this.