I went there with the dog and my cans. Police surrounded the place with their metal barricades making getting in very difficult. people started using the barricades as tables. I was being offered meals Β several times as I walked through

There was music and even a floating turkey.
And pets were taken care too!

-Here’s the account from the OWS site

Today, Occupations across the U.S. have shown that the 99% Movement can do more than protest — we can also take care of one another. In D.C. and many other cities, Occupiers sat down for a “family meal.” In New York, Occupy The Hood dropped off hundreds of meals at shelters across Brooklyn. The OWS kitchen cooked warm meals for 4000 people and handed them out at Liberty Square. Following dinner, there was a spontaneous sit-in in solidarity with the many people who lost their place of rest when OWS was raided on November 15th.

And no plastic turkey as I feared – luckily for OWS he is a chicken

on edit, adding a few more pictures

Volunteers were distributing these invitations far and wide

The People Library – which Bloomberg confiscated and destroyed is being revived