It was one of the chants today from the crowds snaking through the canyons of the Wall Street neighborhood, fiercely garded by police. Zucotti Park was guarded better than Fort Knox with the City Sanitation Department still cleaning the park from the stench of the unwashed masses for Bloomberg’s girlfriend (2 days later). Of course, in spite of the court order, no one was allowed in. Protesters were on the other side, seemingly penned in –I hesitated to join but did. It seemed at first it was the police who coralled them on the narrow streets. It turned out it was OWS which coordinated the movement, telling us where to go, where it was too crowded, where not enough.

“Let’s surround them!” was the chant! with updates on how many streets we were putting pressure on.

There was lots of media this time. Sit-downs were staged by those ready to get arrested. Cops showed restraint. This group was dancing and chanting: “You take the parks, we take the streets”

The energy was fantastic! The number of police I saw on the way downtown was more than I knew we had police. This was my sign, telling my story – made it on the way. And this is what Chase Manhattan got for their 4.5 mil donated to Police Benevolent Association. And this is a bit of truth in advertising

and a good one for “Mike”.(Seems wordpress censored the one with the sign of Bloomberg screwing the bull)