were the words of the rabbi to the freshly evcted Liberty Square occupiers by Bloomberg’s police

this morning a rabby, a budhist and some priests walked into a crowd and blessed the movement in many ways. “All the churches in NYC are opening their kitchens, bathrooms, shelters for you and we’ll talk to Trinity Church for this space”

This was the scene this morning when I arrived there shortly after 9. This was a demonstration of that sign which doubles as a shield as well

After all the speeches, we were told that the site behind the wall belongs to Trinity Church which was a supporter. They didn’t invite OWS, but sometimes amongst friends, things are shared Upon which, the wall was scaled. It felt like the coming down of the Berlin Wall. Β Soon the announcement came that the gate was open. Β So we went in. I give you the new communication hub for OWS

The Statue of Liberty went in too. Here she is.

And some returned to Zuccoti. Some went to court to see about the injuntion on the police to attack OWS. And a big union contingent was expected.

Oh, another thing the rabbi said: We, the Jewish people know that an eviction doesn’t usually end a story. He also said what Bloomberg did wasn’t jewish American or human.