.Murdoch is trying on OWS the tactic it tried on politicians in the past: daily attacks until they say uncle (Just ask Spitzer, Paterson et al)



To speak the only language that you understand:

hey, NY Post – what would you say of a politician who raised 4.5 billion in a month? (FYI – the Wall Street’s Obama only raised 1 billion – in 2 years!) That and the internet makes the Post attempts pathetic.

FYI, Rupert, New Yorkers stand by their phones to receive any message that Liberty Square is threatened by Bloomberg’s goons. So then, like last time, we’d all march in solidarity.

I couldn’t find an article on line to link to but for the record – there is a network of safe house for all OWS-ers in Liberty Square so the hysterical implications on the cover are specious. Of course, the word “attack” after yesterday’s “animals” is losing its punch.