This is following to the letter the propaganda flaunted by the NY Post yesterday (Coincidence? You decide) TWhat patience, Mike? The one with which you tried to hose them down? Or the one you showed when taking their generators on the coldest night?.

The article is here. Of course, as with the Post article, the truth is in the fine print

“There have always been people protesting down here,” he said. “These kids haven’t done any damage in this area – the barricades did.”  

Bloomberg’s own police overreaction creates problems. Not the protesters. What its fascinating is that this billionaire who was saying that “the bankers are just trying to get by” is now concerned with small business and jobs.  The Daily News, not featured in Newseum – has a similar headline


with the article while NY Post headlines its own editorial

I remember last time a guy talked about “restoring dignity” That ended well for all!