This letter to OWS presumably from Wall Street is making the rounds on Facebook, drawing approving cheers from the rightwingers – the newest cheerleaders of Obama’s police state.

I don’t know who wrote it, but for sure many who gave thumbs up are nowhere near Wall Street status – although they seem to think so.

I realize that it’s more that politics the 1% uses to divide the 99%. It’s a cultural war.

When the New York Times wrote the first articles about th OWS-ers having laptops and I-phone it did strike a chord in the masses primed by years of think tank manufactured “liberal elitism” meme.

So, this very long letter plays on several delusions the useful idiots suffer from.

Of the top of my head:

They, the right wingers (old and recent) are somehow part of the 1% – how can they not be – one gets rich by working hard and don’t they?

OWS-ers are the undeserving poor, who don’t have jobs because they are lazy.

OWS-ers are all young beneficiaries of trust funds who never worked a day in their lives

Obama and the DNC are somehow on the opposite side of Wall Street – I guess they gave themselves those bailouts and tax cuts extensions. Found an illustration for this

Although I don’t think he is one of the 1% – just their nr 1 useful idiot. You are the following ones (more idiots, less useful).

There are probably more but I suddenly grow tired of all the stupidity.