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My head is spinning from the realization that some former PUMAs (still calling themselves “liberal”) are cheering the police state – Obama’s police state.

So, I went over to Obama’s other supporters and found this interesting conversation

Why can’t Obama issue a “Chill the fuck out, I got this!” over #occupy?


You know? sit down to a beer summit with some of the protesters. Hear them out. He’s been pretty middle of the road over #occupy. Last night he mentioned Occupy and the tea party in the same sentence, so it sounds like he gives them both equal value. That was disappointing.

The answers are fun. Some of course justify everything Obama does.

24. No, you are a useful idiot for the 1%.
 Starbucks Anarchist
You nutjobs who demand some sort of liberal utopia do nothing but attack Obama based on false evidence (like demanding he talk about the issue hours before it actually happened) and proudly state you won’t vote for him, which is an in-kind donation to the GOP, the people who truly side with the 1%. Besides, if Obama did address the issue, you’d claim it was “just a speech.”

So go ahead and be “done.” The GOP and the Koch Brothers thank you for your support. So fuck you. Permalink 

But then you have those

4. Because he serves at the pleasure of the 1%. Seriously, can
you believe the President could appear on a comedy show at exactly the same time his constituents were getting gassed, shot with rubber bullets and beaten down by the cops?

What does that tell you?

Thanks to DUer ‘ChandlerJr’ for pointing out that juxtaposition of Obama and Leno yucking it up while people were getting shot. Un-fucking-acceptable.

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and upon someone objecting that Leno was taped in the morning

Here was my experience: on the TV I saw Obama yucking it
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up with Leno. AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME, on my laptop I watched livestream as flashbang grenades detonated.

At the same time Occupy Oakland was being criminally assaulted by the Oakland Gestapo, Obama was appearing at a $7500/plate dinner right across the bay and couldnt’ be bothered to say a fucking thing. Fuck that and fuck you.

You go ahead and justify that to your heart’s content. You are a lickspittle and toady for the 1%.

I am so done with Obama and his cohort.

and this conclusion

23. Perfectly stated.
The guy developed an embarrassingly slavish cult following, but anyone that thought he was anything other than just another product of the Chicago political machine (and a corporate sock puppet) need to be beaten with a cluestick.Permalink


Clashes: Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement carry away a man, who was injured by police near the Oakland City Hall. He was later identified as Marine Veteran Scott Olsen, who is a Veterans for Peace member

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The free tabloids are all over Madoff’s wife’s statement that they tried to commit suicide once they’ve been found


(another Life imitates art – see “Damages” season 3)

In happier fat cat news

New York Post is vigilant in “covering” the powerless

The article is here.

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