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Last night I gathered more wrm things from our closet and went to deposit them at the

comfort station

After that, looked around. Rev. Billy was giving a speech. Letters to Goldman Sachs had been lifted to their windows on those balloons earlier in the day .here’s an anti-Obama button on this guy – but as this older guy visiting was saying – they need to be bigger. I agreed of course.

Here’s the list of demands that the opponents cry for (beyond 99 vs 1)

and other demands.

And a sign the right wing wouldn’t agree with(they think evil Obama controls the banks)

Tomorrow night there  will be an all night Occupalooza – comedy club in the village. Free..


I took that last graphic from a blog that shall be no longer mentioned here – I removed it from the blog roll. I was hoping for some breakthrough. Instead, it’s gone full fledge fascist – cheering the police, celebrating every OWS arrest they can find about. Authoritarianpalooza. It is clear that it was never the suspicion of the Obama affiliation that fueled the burning passion there. I leave it up to them to figure what it was. No longer my business.

Update 2

I just realized a new level of irony: in cheering for the abusive police, they are actually cheering for the police state and its Policeman in chief, Barack Obama. And to think it all started fromsuspecting that the protesters are Obama’s people….

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