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I didn’t understand why tens of fire engines are blocking Broadway, south of Liberty Plaza and north all the way to City Hall Park, including cross streets. They were all empty, with the lights on. Cops were saying yes to our questions about a possible fire. Up at City hall one cop said “there was a fire, they put it out” yet they kept coming.

At one point I thought it was in solidarity with OWS so, when I finally saw some firemen I asked. The looks I got were so dirty, I started wondering if they are not here to do what Sanitation failed.

In the park they had a parents/kids night

a farmers’ rally against Trader Joe.

I came with a winter coat that is too big on me after losing 74 lbs as the nights go to 48 degrees now.

She was selling buttons for $5 (you can get them for free from OWS in the morning – just leave a contribution)

If you want to help, this i what they need


I eventually found out that there was indeed a fire but still five blocks of trucks seems fishy. Note the qualifiers in the article

The fire was on the 28th floor of the building, which is next to the park where Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have been protesting corporate greed. The fire department says there doesn’t appear to be any connection between the fire and the protest.

Oh, I know some blog denizens who are bitterly disappointed by this.

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