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OK, maybe not identical, but certainly similar – both using a pun on Times Square

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The stubbornness of thinking Wall Street does NOT control the government is so astounding as to look as bad faith. Let alone we now have an Occupy DC offshoot of the movement.

But it’s bad faith, because those advocating it have a political agenda themselves.

This time it’s Cracked imparting their wisdom

I always thought the march should be in Washington DC. Look at all the pushback Obama is getting in opposition to his plan that millionaires pay the same percentage in taxes that the middle class does. Don’t you think a few thousand angry voters might make a difference in that debate?

Seems not all Bobots were mobilized in the street.

To which I commented:


10/16/11 03:57 AM

The symbolism is just fine. If anything gets accomplished by this movement would be people finally realizing that it’s Wall Street which pulls the government strings. Buyers= owners. The so called push-back Obama gets from the GOP on his proposed taxes for the rich is part of the political kabuki theater. If Obama had really wanted to do that, he would not have extended Bush’s tax cuts for the rich. Wall Street is the real seat of power.


I am old enough to remember when politicians were pandering to their constituencies. These days, they barely pretend anymore. It’s all for the donors, quite in our face, with the full blessing from our media. And I heard from B0bots more than once: “but if he does that, he’ll lose financial support for re-election”. Fans get it: if they want their idol to stay, Wall Street must be accommodated.

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