Even from the big Steve Jobs shadow, the clash between the police and protesters made some covers

The Daily News

and even on NY Times

This was on the Facebook page last night

“Remember, This movement is based on civil disobedience. Do not get penned up today. Do not be forced on the sidewalk. Take the streets, sit down, Disrupt traffic, be brave….Some advice from Naomi Klein..please protesters, I can’t say this enough: “DO NOT MARCH. SIT DOWN or stand with linked arms. DO NOT JUST MARCH. I have studied protests for the last fifty years — the ones that ended in state violence (they always win) are short and they MARCH. the ones that brought down regimes are LONG and STOP TRAFFIC and involve SITTING DOWN OR STANDING STILL WITH LINKED ARMS. They take patience.” This is our moment. We are growing because we are resisting.”

Mission accomplished.