Since reading Miq post, I had edited the Wikipedia article, (criticism section) adding some disclosure about James Roosevelt

In the interest of disclosure, it must be said that James Roosevelt was also the CEO of Tuft Healthcare Institute and a few months after giving Obama delegates in a state he didn’t run was drafting the insurers demands for the healthcare bill which all ended up in the law | url =

We’ll see if it stays.

As for the blog wars nonsense, while I am flatered that I am featured by both the original handle (Edgeoforever) and the present one (Not Your Sweetie), I must also remark that I didn’t split from anywhere. I have always been an independent blogger – and in the summer of 2008 I was part of the PUMA movement. I still read the Confluence. Myiq and Murphy’s entries regularly.

Here is Myiq’s article

I'm famous!!! No, seriously. I was looking for something else and I stumbled across this at Wikipedia: Blog wars In the aftermath of Barack Obama’s election, the PUMA’s online presence has fractured into numerous warring groups. The once-united bloggers at The Confluence split in 2009 over a variety of differences, most of which had nothing to do with the actual 2008 presidential election. One of The Confluence’s most tenacious bloggers, the highly divisive My … Read More

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