From Ron Suskinhd book

Obama observes that he and fellow Democrats Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter “all have sort of the disease of being policy wonks.”

Hey, I guess that would be a step ahead from him trying to be everything opposite Clinton. But no, my dear Unprecedented one. You are no wonk. Period. Just an incompetent tool (see  the part in the article on Geitner doing what the hell he pleased)

The book states Geithner and the Treasury Department ignored a March 2009 order to consider dissolving banking giant Citigroup while continuing stress tests on banks, which were burdened with toxic mortgage assets.

In the book, Obama does not deny Suskind’s account, but does not reveal what he told Geithner when he found out. “Agitated may be too strong a word,” Suskind quotes Obama as saying.

That would be in the time frame where Obama graded himself a B+ if I recall.