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This is one of those moments in irony when one’s head almost explodes with the layers of lack of self-awareness (not unlike Obama thinking he is a “policy wonk”)

On DU, one picked this startling finding:

Majority of baggers are college educated

That would be short for “tea bagger” – the pejorative for the Tea Party-er which until now was described as ignorant, uneducated Neanderthal (in many ways, same way,Hillary supporters have been described). This is the quote:… /

New CNN Poll: GOP divided over tea party movement

<snip>The poll indicates that demographically, tea party Republicans are more likely to be male, older, and college educated, with non-tea party Republicans more likely to be younger, less educated, female, and less likely to say they are born-again or evangelical. Both groups are predominantly white.

The OP is pretty much speechless, but following comments reveal the shock. Samples

12. Now look who’s the elites
Wine sipping, cheese munching surrender monkeys.:rofl:

and incredulity

20. First, I’m not buying it. Have you seen these yahoos?
They are not smarter than a 5th grader.

and of course the attempt to separate themselves from them

21. Educated sociopaths, I go to school with some of them.
They are disconnected socially, show little emotion and the world circle around them. They are quite brilliant but lack people skills or sense of “community”.


3. A lot of engineer-types and accountant-types are RW nuts.
Probably because the kind of personality that is drawn to those fields is a person with a very concrete and black-and-white thinking that is low in imagination and empathy.

Oh, but what will Donna Brazile say now with all that “traditional party” vs the educated affluent and urban? One comment actually explains it all

1. Propagandizing
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smarter people has more effect.It’s not the poor who support Rush Limbaugh. Although they pay for it.

From their POV, of course. .

From Ron Suskinhd book

Obama observes that he and fellow Democrats Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter “all have sort of the disease of being policy wonks.”

Hey, I guess that would be a step ahead from him trying to be everything opposite Clinton. But no, my dear Unprecedented one. You are no wonk. Period. Just an incompetent tool (see  the part in the article on Geitner doing what the hell he pleased)

The book states Geithner and the Treasury Department ignored a March 2009 order to consider dissolving banking giant Citigroup while continuing stress tests on banks, which were burdened with toxic mortgage assets.

In the book, Obama does not deny Suskind’s account, but does not reveal what he told Geithner when he found out. “Agitated may be too strong a word,” Suskind quotes Obama as saying.

That would be in the time frame where Obama graded himself a B+ if I recall.

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