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The quick, future knowing character River Song in Doctor Who has a gift for breaking obvious news to those around her and then waiting for the realization to set in. She calls this moment “penny in the air” and when they catch up she announces: “and the penny drops”

Most of the people here are in a “penny in the air” moment as to the reason Obama was installed in 2008 by TPTB.

Sure there was the immediate benefits – the bailouts and absolving the thieves of all responsibility.

But the long term con is the one starting to peek now.

Some of us saw it in the candidate who ran on “Reagan is God, Clinton is doodoo”, back in 2008. His books were full of this and that made him a good candidate for it.

Others only had a glimpse when the half assed stimulus was proposed.

Now when, for the first time this century a Democrat does NOT fix the economy – some are going to see the penny drop. (All the Democrats, even the maligned Carter reduced the deficit considerably, only to have God reagan explode it after him)

Obama accomplished his mission: not only did he leave Β all the barn doors open for the robbers to gorge themselves, he helped spread the idea that there should be no barn, only the wild west.

(unless the plan is to officially return the power to the party that always had

Even the NYT has it, along with the environmental betrayal

– both above the fold

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