Here’s an interesting headline

Obama Campaign Staffer Sends Out Email Bashing Paul Krugman And The ‘Firebagger Lefty Blogosphere

on DU it has an identifier

the column he emailed was by a guy that gets his stuff posted here a lot, “deaniac83” at a website called “The People’s View”. I described him here once as the nastiest pro-Obama blogger on the Internet, which he is. Incredible that the Obama campaign would associate themselves with him.

Oh, noes! Campaign staffers on DU??? Incredible indeed!

The master of snark does not miss the opportunity

12. Sandoval will probably be fired promptly, like Van Jones and
others who’ve criticized the right-wing electorate. Obama strikes me a fair and balanced: he’ll make no distinction between right and left, everyone is treated equally.

Gotta run now – my giant 12-dimensional pink unicorn is calling.

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But most stand by the “staffer”