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Will I be called a racist for using the word “color” in the title? Stay tuned.

Anyway, these are yesterday headlines – check for the new catchword:

and then the Daily News


The idiotic campaign continues and before some Obama spokesman comes by again here’s what grates: if the intent is to de-mythologize OBL, they are certainly preaching to the wrong audience. The ones who would indeed worship him however would be only offended instead of turned off by tehse tidbits

So now we know that the mass murderer of 9.11 watched TV and took Viagra. Soon, we may find out he barbecued and sat on the porch in his shorts scratching his belly. keep it up and he may get to beat Obama in the stupid “whom would you rather have a beer with” Neanderthal test.

Idiotic propaganda issued by the White House spreads from  HuffPo to page ones of NY Tabloids

.Apparently we npw need to trash OBL for his…vanity?

Or is it for not watching Fox?

Glad I am not on TV. I might want to watch myself too

Expect Fox to lead all media in gushing this re-election campaign! Just look how moist Rupert’s eyes are over this kill

The ground zero chest beating hit a glitch. The Daily News zeroes on it

AM-NY is more pointed

NY Post on the other hand is propaganda central

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