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He is too better than W, so there! The number one thread there today

Breaking News: Obama administration rescinds key parts of federal

regulation on ”conscience protections’ for health workers

For a minute there, I thought: finally, something good!

The rule was widely interpreted as allowing workers to refuse to participate in a range of services, including providing the emergency contraceptive Plan B and treating gays and lesbians.

But then I reached the second paragraph

The new rule leaves intact previously established “conscience protections” for workers who do not want to perform abortions or sterilizations. It also retains the Bush rule’s formal process for allowing workers whose rights are violated to file complaints.…

So, women continue to be punished.

Someone notes to the “better than Bush” praises

16. Just barely. Its bad that we have to use Bush as our watermark, lol. Permalink

But most disregard the abortion and simply shower  admiration for the bold changes.

Some interesting commentaries here

Photo shows Obama at dinner with Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg

2. Mr. Obama has dinner with his bosses. nt Permalink

Bieber on rape is also discussed

Justin Bieber: Rape “is really sad, but everything happens for a reason.

There’s this

12. Justin Bieber Found To Be Cleverly Disguised 51-Year-Old Pedophile

and a good one

5. wtf is wrong with these males. this is the second one i hear so readily dismissing their genders

attack on the other gender.

fuck that shit. the reason it happens is cause these assholes take rape so lightly

murder is really sad, but everything happens for a reason.
child abuse is sad, but happens for a reason

fuck this shit   Permalink

But this being DU, you get defenders too

Bieber is a kid who is legit pro-life

Legit pro-life people are rare. He already said he thinks health care should be universal. He’ll grow up and believe what he ends up believing but as much as I disagree with him I can’t blame him too much for his opinion on this.  Permalink


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