Last bestest speech not so revered

Oh, um, Mr. President, you forgot to mention our, um, role in propping up that dictator.

I find it very interesting that you never hear about the US and it’s aid to Mubarak from the President’s mouth, directly. I bet you’d never hear about how we fucked the people of Egypt from a President, you know?

Oh well, gotta make it look like we’re not bad guys, can’t have people knowing what the truth really is, can we? Might just cause more nations to break away from the empire, now wouldn’t it?

A lie of omission is still a lie.

And we all know that none of the things we sent to Egypt were used to suppress dissent, right?

After all, those tear gas canisters used in the opening day of the protest may have said made in the USA, but we couldn’t have foreseen that they’d be used that way. I mean, after all, a dictator would never use something like tear gas on protesters.

In fact, we got the whole thing going with the following announcement:
“Come protest democracy in Egypt.

It’ll be a gas.

Defender at the ready, complete with illustration

56. Obama FAILS as President of Egypt! OMG!!!

There’s always a new load of shit in the pipes ready to be flung. Whatever happens, do NOT let the outrage end!!!11!! I’m series!   Permalink


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