More challenges for the cheerleaders

Obama proposes slashing heating aid to the poor.

fucking disgusting.…

Anyone want to defend him on this?

One adds context

2. this just a few weeks after extending the tax cuts for the wealthy

did I misread that ballot? Is this really a Dem?   Permalink

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I can’t say what I’m thinking about Obama.

Slashing LIHEAP (Low Income heating Assistance Program) by BILLIONS. That’s his idea of budget cut. Making poor people suffer and likely die.…

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1. Every day, a new disgust.

And indeed, a new day comes

LIHEAP is the tip of the iceberg. Obama to cut Head Start, community block grant funding

And I do mean ice, as in what may form in poor folk’s houses with no heating oil. How much, again, were those bailouts for Goldman-Sachs, AIG, etc?


But some know who the enemy is

Do Republicans Want To Repeal The Obama Presidency?

and some know just what makes life worth living

Photos: Regis and Kelly …. and Michelle … and her yellow shoes. (The Obama Presidency Day 751)