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President Obama’s special envoy for Egypt says Mubarak must stay in power to lead transition!

On the selling of Huffpo

I have no problem with Arianna selling HuffPo to AOL for mega $$$, but I do have a problem. . .

. . .with her fake ass sanctimonious attitude. Its funny she calls Obama out for being a sellout, decries the too big to fail banks, etc. but at the end of the day she has her price.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a price, most folks do, but there is something wrong with the self righteous sanctimony that Arianna puts out there.

I will still follow HuffPo and I think there is a lot good that can come out of this, I just hope that Arianna comes off of her high horse.

But most turn their back on Huffpo, now that Newt’s assistant lets it go

Time to dump Huffpo

And just in time for the celebrations and a poster helps me wuth the illustration

“Channeling Reagan, Obama Moves to Slash Programs for Urban Poor”

The Obama Administration honored Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday on February 6 by proposing steep cuts to two of the leading programs for the urban poor: community service grants and community development block grants (CDBG). According to White House Budget Director Jacob Lew, the former will be cut in half, with the balance going to a “competitive grant program.” CDBG funding, which has never recovered from Reagan’s budget slashing, will be cut by 7.5%, or $300 million. Meanwhile, Obama criticized the intelligence community’s failure to foresee the Egyptian uprising, but did not reduce its $80 billion budget. And the military is being cut less than $16 billion next year, a pittance in light of massive Bush era increases. “Community organizer” Obama will cut organizing jobs in low-income communities more than any president since Reagan, which is consistent with his failure to even mention the poor or poverty in his recent State of the Union address.

I have to give Barack Obama credit for convincing even longtime advocates for the poor and low-income neighborhoods – people like myself – that his community organizing background meant that we would have an organizer’s ally in the White House….

But his little fans lurv hum just as much

Ohhhh -I cannot get over that Bill O’Reilly told Obama that people Hate him. Ugh!

Oh, he’s likable enough!

Another one to O’Really:

Its absolutely disrespectful for O’Reilly to be talking over Obama and I hope EVERYONE calls him.

. . .on it.

This is an absolute disgrace.

And I had to know the reactions to this

Politico: DLC Out of Money, Will Fold

and found it pretty much on the spot

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