How dare media ask Obama do the right thing?

Cenk is an idiot! He wants Obama to take sides. WTF?

This is not the time to take sides.
Obama did the right thing.
He promoted freedom and peace and human rights.
Cenk is horrible! 

He acts like a spoiled rich kid that has never had to work a day in his life.
MSNBC needs to find someone better.

Some disagree

2. Really? How could our government choose between a repressive dictatorship  Permalink
and a people’s revolt? 

WTF is the matter with Cenk?

on the same subject, a bit of wishful thinking

Obama – the new hero of the Muslim world!

Obama has about 2 seconds to come down strongly in defense of the Egyptian people, and call for the ouster of the dictator/president.

Doing so would make him, and America, a hero across the middle east. We could regain our moral authority to some degree.

Then we can GTFO of Iraqistan with nothing to fear.

If he backs the dictator, we can be assured that he will be making our country less safe, and be creating an opening for Islamic extremists to claim the moral high ground. Of course, more strife in the ME equals more profits for Halliburton, and the MIC.

Let’s hope he has the wisdom to stop listening to the people who had no clue Egypt was about to turn, no clue that the Soviet union was about to fall, no clue “Osama bin Laden determined to strike within US”.

and whimsically wish

6. Let’s hope he does not let this “Sputnik Moment” pass him by!   Permalink

New fears from the Egypt events

It is nice to see another country standing up to their government

However, there is one concern that I have.

What if this incident empowers the teabaggers to go to Washington?

They can empower their army of Jethro’s to do anything–just have to tell rush, inc et al to broadcast the revolution.

At that point–would we have a civil war when the two sides collide or what exactly would happen?

I have no illusion that our internet and media would be cut off (except for chosen sites).

Oh, noes! The historical Obama wouldn’t do that, whould he?

One finds refuge in ageism

9. 50% of Egypt’s population is under 21.
80% of the teabaggers need astronaut diapers.  Permalink