From Democracy Now comes this interesting interview with Harry Belafonte – where Amy Goodman asks him about Obama

He recounts that Obama asked :

“Why don’t you and Cornell West cut me some slack?”

To which he answered:

“What makes you think we didn’t already?”

To make things even interesinger, here are the Os being outraged

Harry Belafonte on Obama: ‘He Plays the Game” – Democracy NOW!


8. IIRC, Belafonte was a Clinton supporter?
Do you think he’s still bitter that Hillary lost?  Permalink

Actually, in December 2007, Belafonte had endorsed Edwards.

and another



He sounds like a bitter old man. He doesn’t know Obama. Does he consider the fact that Obama is surrounded by people who are serious about ptotecting their money? Does he consider that Obama doesn’t have backup in the congress to pass the laws he would like to? Does he, like many other “RADICAL LEFTIES” realize that Obama is not a “KING”, and just can’t make these problems go away? People with this “magical thinking are part of the problem. They just can’t face reality, so they use their voice to put people down.And does that help us? No. It just takes people away from the fight. Permalink