an interesting connection

So Obama appoints GE’s Immelt to a White House panel, and then GE cans Olbermann

Thanks for the implicit “messaging,” Mr. President!

and a DUdie worthy comment

3. Bullshit. Immelt is a left-winger, and one of Keith’s allies at the parent company.

You’ll ignore any amount of facts in order to bash Obama.   Permalink

From the defense team

Has Jeff Immelt Changed His Mind Since Calling Obama Anti-Business?

They do get shocked easily

Shocker: Obama’s Less Trusted Than Bush On Social Security

When asked whether they trust the President or his opponents in Congress more on the issue of Social Security, people have less trust in Barack Obama than they did in George W. Bush when he had Obama’s job. And the question was asked about Bush in 2005, at a time when his unpopular campaign to privatize Social Security was reaching its crescendo.

That’s a stunning statistic. The Democratic Party created Social Security, and was seen as its champion for three-quarters of a century. Yet voters have less trust for a Democratic President on this issue than they did for one who had pledged to privatize the entire system, and whose party opposed it from the beginning. And the difference isn’t minor. 37% trusted Bush more than the opposition Democrats in 2005, which was considered a low number at the time. Yet only 26% trust Obama over the Republicans, even after their failed attempt to privatize the program – and even though Democrats have a “brand identification” with Social Security.

and the comments confirm it

1. I agree with the plurality. I trust Bush’s words on Social Security more than Obama’s. (nt) Permalink


5. Well, he’s brought that on himself

He can not be trusted to stand up for the people of this country. On the other hand, his track record says that corporate America can and do bank on him.  Permalink

and of course, it’s all the fault of the…left

13. I guess wild speculation from the left really DOES have an effect. Permalink

By way of defense we get more (it’s an “old” poll, so who cares?

23. Why are people flogging this three-month old poll of likely voters

to distort perception?

The Lake poll was of likely voters, which skewed conservative, days before the election:

Who will better handle Social Security

• Republicans vs. Democrats in Congress: 31% (R) to 28% (D); 34% both the same
• Republicans in Congress vs. Obama: 33% (R) to 26% (Obama); 31% both the same

Source: Lake Research Partners, Social Security Works, “Findings from an Election Eve/Night Survey of 1,200 Likely Voters Nationwide, Oct. 31‐ Nov. 2, 2010. Accessed at

How is it relevant to compare what Americans thought of Clinton in March 1995 and Bush in January 2005 to what mostly conservative voters thought about Obama in November 2010?

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The number one thread today

Barack Obama – Out of The Closet

based on a Huffpo article…

Wall Street’s takeover of the Obama administration is now complete. The mega-banks and their corporate allies control every economic policy position of consequence. Mr. Obama has moved rapidly since the November debacle to install business people where it counts most

Some of the comments

40. Remember during the campaign

when he talked so nicely about Raygun??? I do. Red Flags were going off in my head.

He is not ‘one my kind’ as the song goes…by INXS, I think.

This author really lays out the Truth on this. I can’t believe ‘they’re’ going to change the name of the Economic Advisor’s Council to Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

It’s like old Soviet Union and rewriting history. And it’s also like W…’jobs and competitiveness’ in reality will mean Jobs in China and nothing competitive from the US.

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Yeah, I remember. I was still there at the time and blowing the wistle as loud as I could. To deaf ears.

Now they notice

6. I doubt I’ll even watch SOTU…Losing interest in him and his very fast…n/t Permalink

Wait! There is even an admission of a mistake

42. Obama administration isn’t working as a people’s government …

no question about it — and time to begin discussing what we’re going to try

to do about it —

We made a huge mistake with Obama — but we have to try to correct it —

While we are suffering from corporatism/fascism in America ….

let’s rememember that they need actual elected officials to do the dirty work

for them in Congress!!

Let’s get the discussions going —  Permalink

yeah, cuz after you ruined our best chance for a turnaround, a discussion would solve it..